Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buddy the cat

Introducing Buddy, our wonderful cat!

Buddy is very lovely, if a little prone to mistaking hands/ankles/fingers/feet for prey...!

But he does try to apologise by leaving us regular gifts of headless mice at the bottom of the stairs. And once he even tried painting us a picture using paws, floor tiles and vole-blood. We were very impressed by his creativity. We're lucky to have such an intelligent cat.

Now if only he'd stop eating his food so quickly he makes himself sick...

Friday, February 25, 2011

2010 - been and gone

So, not a single post in 2010. Whoops! Well, let's see, what has happened?!

Llyando and I got engaged after Christmas 2009 - extremely romantic! In April I finally got a job, which was a relief... We also moved into our new house at the beginning of April and spent some time redecorating (and having a great housewarming party!)

In the summer we visited Llyando's relatives in the US. On our return we got a cat (a rescue cat called Buddy - photos to follow!).

We also started wedding planning and I continued with my Open University History course. Llyando's walked Hadrian's Wall with some friends. And we both came down with flu before going to Dorset for Christmas 2010. New year was spent at a black tie and tiaras event in a wonderful restaurant near home.

I'm sure I've forgotten loads of important events from last year, but that's a start. Now that I have discovered blogging from the iPhone I hopefully will be posting a little more frequently!

Blatant advertising

I know, I should be ashamed. But a friend of mine has started a new blog and, although it is still in it's early stages, I think it'll be a good'un. Find the Big Book of Nonsense here!

Easier blogging

Oooh a blogging app on my iPhone! This is going to make thinks much easier - hooray!

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