Friday, August 22, 2008

Anticipation of excitement

Well it’s almost the bank holiday weekend (hooray) and I’m sitting in a very quiet office, listening to strange musical sounds from St James’s Park. And I’m really excited about the weekend. Because yes, it’s the annual BBQ party – known by some, dreaded by many… Wait, is that the right way round?
The costumes have been made, the shopping lists have been written, the sleeping arrangements have been planned and the parents have been shipped out for supper.
The only teeny tiny problem is the male/female ratio. Why do I seem to have so many male friends? Alternatively, why are so few of the female friends free? Could be worse I guess. The gazbo could be about to collapse, the forecast could be for rain and the grockles could be about to strip the supermarkets like locusts before I get a chance to get near them. Hang on a moment…. Damn.

It'll be fine. It will all be fine. *remembers to breathe*