Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I would like to be... in Sweden.

I would like to be in Sweden. Becuase London is grey. And Basingstoke is grey. And even if Sweden is grey, it can't be any worse!
Besides, home is lonely right now as a certain person is on a business trip to Sweden. Lucky sod. Certainly more interesting than being stuck in an office surrounded by technology that is moving so slowly I'm contemplating attacking it with my tea cup. So..... slow....
So. Sweden. I'd like to be in Sweden please. Now.


Xirius said...

Sweden... but you'd be so far away! By the way, you're queen of the universe!

Mylissa said...

Can I declare my undying love?! ;)
As for Sweden - I've changed my mind. He's on his way back, so being in Sweden would now defeat the point.

Anyway. Queen of the Universe! *proudly wears crown*