Thursday, February 12, 2009

George 'Zombie' Bush

Congratulations to the South African TV station ETV whose news program fallaciously announced a report of George Bush's death. While testing a moving banner headline stating 'George Bush is dead', a technician accidently pressed the 'broadcast for live transmission' button. He is, in fact, still alive. I think. How do you tell?

Further congratulations are in order, however, for their stunning response to the Afrikaans language newspaper Beeld and the media group's website who broke the story:

"Its unfortunate, because we never comment on their mistakes," said [ETV News spokesperson] Vasili Vass.

Somebody give that man a pay rise.


ghoneem said...


my congratulations

best wishes

Asylum Seeker said...

Perhaps they were hoping that they were psychic?

Mylissa said...

Possibly! Wishful thinking perhaps...

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Seeker? Fancy meeting you here!