Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello! (in a very Boris-esque way) - by Llyando

So this is me...


There we go, that's it, well not really but I'm new to this sort of thing. I'm an Engineer by personality as well as by profession so tend to have a very literal view on most things, including typing to myself on a computer. However, as this has been proposed to me by Mylissa I have little choice (besides, at the very least I'm typing to one person... right!?).
Engineering is a funny way of life, as I said I tend to see things a lot more logically than most people, and a lot more straight forward. If something is broken or wrong, fix it; if it isn't, don't. However, not all engineers think like this - engineering attracts polarities of common sense, they either have lots of it or none at all. I hope to be one of the former, although tend to end up in the latter camp...
Anyway, with such an orthogonal view (some of the time) to Mylissa maybe I can add a bit of a different spin to some issues (and still end up with a bed to sleep in at night!).