Monday, March 02, 2009

Back to reality

Well I’m back from my holiday and feeling, well, un-refreshed to be honest.
Having now reached 25 years of life I feel older and wiser, or perhaps not.
Our few days in a holiday cottage in Northumberland did not go without a hitch due to a lack of hot water and a blocked chimney. A letter will be written to the organisation concerned. Then there was a weekend in Durham seeing friends, which was nice, but there was not much sleep followed by a lot of driving (although I disgraced myself as co-pilot and dozed off while Llyando was driving).

So now back to the grindstone, but I’m ready for another holiday already. Bring on the weekend….

More to the point, however, blogging recommences from today. And hopefully (*fingers crossed*) we might have internet at home soon!


angelshair said...

So,..Welcome back^_^!

Mylissa said...

Thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear your break in Northumberland was marred by problems with your cottage - perhaps you were in the wrong one, you should have booked a 'Coquet' Cottage! ( Guaranteed hot water, open fires and woodburners and luxury and comfort thrown in too! Oh and 5 pubs, 4 restaurants and a French Patisserie on the doorstep too!

Saint Brian the Godless said...

I wish I could visit England. (I live in RI, USA) Not enough funds right now, and a baby on the way. I have to visit someday before I die. All of Great Britain. I'm half Irish (other half Italian) so I'd even be exploring my heritage at the same time.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

As an unrelated aside, have any of you Brits seen the Rush Limbaugh speach yet? The one he did last Saturday at the C.P.A.C.?

I'm embarassed that he's from this country.

He's an evil man.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Uh, speech. I do know how to spell, I promise.

Mylissa said...

Grr, just managed to lose my lovely reply to you Brian.

Anyway, it went something along the lines of 'you should definitely visit Britain' and 'I've just read Limbaugh's speech ( for anyone interested).'

Quite amazing that anyone can have wanted him to speak in public. What a rant! Full of accusations and criticisms with no supporting evidence (and no suggestions of alternative schemes to, for example, pull the country out of its economic mess). He seems self-righteous and overly impressed with his own self-importance.

Evil is a word that I try to avoid, but I can understand your opinion there...

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Well, I consider evil nonmetaphysically. He's a very, very bad man. Let's say it that way.

I kinda figured you'd see him that way. Being sane and all.

Blessed be.